Papaya ringspot virus
Pumpkin Papaya ringspot virus
Mature pumpkins showing symptoms of PRSV
Scientific Classification
Family: Potyviridae
Genus: Potyvirus
Species: Papaya ringspot virus
Papaya ringspot potyvirus

Papaya distortion mosaic virus
Papaya leaf distortion virus
Papaw distortion ringspot virus
Papaw mosaic virus

Watermelon mosaic virus 1

Papaya ringspot virus (PRSV) is a plant pathogenic virus[1] in the genus Potyvirus and the virus family Potyviridae


In squash, watermelon and other cucurbits, PRSV strain W causes mottling and distortion of leaves and fruit. PRSV-W is considered to be one of the limiting factors in the growing of cucurbits in Florida.[2]


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